our secret

i've shown you pictures of the guest room. and i've shown you pictures of the den. you may have noticed that i haven't shown you pictures of both the guest room and the den at the same time. there is a reason for that.
boxes. and bags. and more boxes. hi, my name is katie and i've lived in my house for over 1.5 years and i still have not unpacked. we've just moved everything back and forth as we've worked on these 2 rooms.

we tried to hide most of it in the closet in the den. but now the closet looks like this and the door won't stay shut.
a few weekends ago we took everything out of the closet and started to organize. and then we went to chicago. and to arkansas. the guest bedroom and the den are a mess... and my parents are coming to visit next weekend.

so this weekend we will be organizing, cleaning, and hopefully doing some unpacking. we might even try to do some work outside since it is finally spring!

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2 Responses to our secret

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Ugh, I feel your pain. That is so annoying when you have things that you need to take care of getting in your way. Too bad they just won't take care of themselves!

Dennis and Su said...

lol! Everybody has an area of their home like that! Good luck!


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