organized mess

i hope you all had a great easter weekend, i know i did! the weather was beautiful and we took advantage of it by working outside most of the day on saturday. we found a new favorite local garden center, planted some flowers in the pots that are on the front porch, and worked on the yard. there is still a lot to do outside, but i feel like we got a good start.

we also continued to work on clearing out some of the boxes in the den/guest bedroom. we took everything out of the closet in the den and put together some wire shelves that we had in our last apartment. the shelves fit perfectly in the back of the closet and we were able to assemble them in a way that still left some room for hanging storage. sadly i wasn't able to throw away much stuff, most of the boxes are books or studio supplies, the two things that i am bad at collecting. at least now it is an organized mess. and we can shut the closet door and have it all contained.

sorry for the boring pictures of my closet, house work has been slow lately :-) we have a few projects planned when my parents come for a visit this weekend, hopefully i'll have something fun to post soon!

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One Response to organized mess

Dennis and Su said...

Looks good! Cramped , but good!


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