i ran the entire thing! the run was in forest park (beautiful!) and the weather was perfect. it took me 40.5 mins but i actually did better than i thought i would. when training, my pace was more around the 14 min mile range (i told you all i run slow!), so i was surprised to see the time when i crossed the finish line. and i wasn't the last person to finish. you all were right, it was much different to run with a group of people, and have people cheering you on along the way. thank you all for the words of encouragement!

now that i know i can run a 5k, maybe i can focus on running my next one at a slightly more respectable pace ;-)

oh, and in case you were wondering, mike ran it in just under 27 mins. i was impressed! i have a long ways to go if i want to be able to run with him.

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4 Responses to done

Rachel Le said...

That's so great!! Good job! I'm running mine on May 16, so reading this was encouraging. The last time I timed myself it took me 10.5 minutes to run a mile... no clue if that's good or not. Ha! Both of my sisters-in-law ran a half marathon today and they want me to do one eventually... ummm... don't know if I'm that committed (or crazy)!! Anyway, Congratulations :)

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

Great job!

Dennis and Su said...

Mike's legs are much longer than yours! Congrats on your run!

Pink Peacock Designs said...

That's an awesome time, congrats!! I can't wait to run my "official" race.


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