still here

with all of the traveling and visits over the weekends, i haven't had many home projects to write about lately. but we're still here! i felt like i should give an update... so even though this will be random, here's what's new:

-i had a great time in cleveland visiting friends. lots of good food, we went to the theater, and went on a long walk around their neighborhood. my friends live close to the lake and it made me want to live by the water.
-work is still... busy. it's good to be busy, but sometimes i wish i could go back to my 40 hour weeks for a little while.

-i'm still studying away for my second architectural registration exam. i haven't set a date for it yet, but hopefully in the next few weeks. i'm going to see how the weekend goes and how much studying i get done. i'm taking construction documents and services next, there seems to be a lot of information.

-we still need to finish up our shelf project. hope to do that this weekend.

-i decided to try to grow flowers from seeds again this year. i attempted it last year (started them inside) and it was a giant failure. this year i'm trying to start them outside. wish me luck!

-we've been loving the weather this spring. we've gone for lots of walks, have enjoyed running outside with the dogs, and been able to grill out a few times. hopefully this weather stays around for a little while, summers in stl are not so great.

-i've been frantically working to finish up another blanket for a good friend who is having a baby and is due any day now. hopefully she doesn't read the blog :-) i was hoping to get her the blanket about a month ago but i haven't had much time to work on it lately. i'm using the same pattern that i used for the last blanket, only with different colors.

i think that's it... maybe i'll be motivated to finish up some of these projects so i have something more exciting to post about next week. have a great weekend everyone!

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