because you asked

first of all - thank you so much for all of the great comments on the buffet color! secondly - can't you all agree on something? every person liked a different color, but i guess that's what i get when i post a bunch of different options :-) maybe this means that any of them would work??

yesterday i went to lowes and picked up a ton of paint samples of all of the colors to see what looked best in the room.

i think i have decided that red, green and orange are not really good options for me. mike really liked the red (along with a lot of you!) but there is no other red in our house. i'm afraid that would really bring attention to the buffet and i'm not sure that's what i'm going for. same with the green. even though our couch is currently green, i don't think i want to match the buffet to the couch. plus i'd like to eventually get a new couch. i like the idea of orange, but i'm worried that it will look bad with the floors.

strangly, i liked the navy. i think because it reminds me of the color in our guest room.

i also tried a new lighter teal color, as suggested by allison:

and a black option that was suggested by many of you. the issue i'm having with the black is that our woodwork is so dark already, it looks black in some areas. i am worried that black furniture will make the woodwork/room seem even darker.

i also spent some more time with photoshop and got a better mustard yellow:

as well as a few more gray options:
and of course, there is still the original wood: in conclusion? i still have no idea what i want to do. i think i'm liking some kind of gray tones (as heather mentioned, it will go with many other things in our house, plus, as matthew said, it really is all about my eames chairs). i do like the mustard yellow, i've been on a yellow and gray kick lately. there are already hints of that yellow color in other places in the house too. or, i'm still considering leaving it as is and just refinishing the top to match.

i did some shopping over the weekend looking for new knobs but didn't come up with much. i'm hoping to make a trip to restoration hardware and anthropologie soon. but we need 13 knobs if we replace them all and that can get expensive! i also looked for a lamp, thinking that if i could find a lamp that i could put on the buffet, that might help make a decision on color. i had no luck. guess i'll keep thinking about it for a little while longer...

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7 Responses to because you asked

LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Did you try looking for knobs at Lee Valley Hardware?

I think grey, yellow, navy or leave it as is.

Katie said...

i've never heard of lee valley, i'll go check that out! thanks!

Allison aka Half of VAMH said...

It really looks amazing as-is! Maybe some day the paint color answer will be obvious, if not, its still a knock-out!

Livinia Redlips said...

The grey looks really nice.

Jane said...

I've just found your blog for the first time and I love the teal and lighter of the three greys - I wish I were that clever with photoshop! :)

Rambling Renovators said...

I really like the grey options!

Katie said...

i think i'm deciding between gray or leaving as is... i going to think about it for a little while.


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