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we found a new garden store a few miles away from our house. we went a few weeks ago and picked up a few flowers. i planted some of them in the pots that we keep on our deck. i know that most people probably have a plan that they follow for container gardening... i just went with things that i liked.
like the gnome? my family has this weird thing for gnomes (and by family, i mean my dad) so my brother bought us this gnome last summer - he has a net to help catch the bats. must be working, we haven't had any more bats.

we've also been trying to grow some flowers from seeds. i'm hoping to eventually plant them in the beds below the deck and maybe a few out front. they've looked like this for about a week now, hopefully they will continue to grow.

speaking of flowers, we have roses. lots and lots of roses.
remember how we made some flower beds below our deck last spring?
yeah, now they look like this:
and this:
and yes, we are still trying to get grass to grow in that one area.
we still have a lot of work to do on the yard (like the entire front) but we're getting there.

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One Response to nature and stuff

Dennis and Su said...

Beautiful! Well done you! (Love your gnome!)


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