weekend recap

mike finished the touch up paint on the shelf. i keep seeing this way of organizing books by color and think that it makes all of my random paperbacks actually look kind of nice.
i wanted to put some of my architectural models on the shelf (and get them out of the dusty dirty basement) but someone (trevi) decided to play godzilla so now i am doing repair work.
last week i finally finished sewing the new pillows for the living room that match the entry way cushion.
and i remembered to take a picture of the newly landscape area between our house and our neighbors.
and of the containers that i put on the front porch.
we also bought something fun for the deck, but i'll save that for another post.

it's been a nice weekend, even if i spent some time today doing this:
working from home while the cat fights me because he wants to sit on top of my drawings.

he usually wins.

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2 Responses to weekend recap

LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Love the shelving unit - you did a really wonderful job with that!

The containers on the front porch are really beautiful. Love the combo.

matthew said...

i love how you books are organized by color! awesome.


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