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a busy weekend makes for a very tired monday morning...

at least we were productive! as usual, we started yet another home project even though we have a few that we still need to finish up.

this weekend we decided to clear out all of the weeds, plants, trash, etc. that was between our house and our neighbors house. our neighbors told us when we moved in that the space between our house and theirs was actually our property. and we ignored it for almost 2 years... woops. the space is only about 6' wide, and half of it is taken up by our sidewalk that goes to the gate for our backyard.

i forgot to take a before picture, but just imagine lots and lots of weeds, with a few random rocks.

the first thing we did was transplant a bunch of daylilies. they were starting to look very overgrown and they were up against the side of the neighbors house. we moved them to the backyard, along the fence. we cleared on some of the weeds, put down a weed barrier, and then planted a few hostas, flowers, and spread some mulch. it looks 100%s better... and i would show you a picture execpt that it started raining. i'll try to take a picture soon.

i do have this picture though, classic cooper.

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