at the pool

last week was... rough. work was overwhelmingly busy and i came home (late) very frustrated each night. due to the work load, i hadn't been able to study as much as i would have liked for my next exam. plus, i haven't had the time to run as much lately, which also annoys me.

on friday i left work with a pile of things to be done this weekend. after arriving home, i heard from mike that our car had failed city inspection because it needed new tires. i don't know how we didn't notice that it needed new tires, they were bad... so saturday morning and afternoon was spent tire shopping. after all of that, i decided that work was just going to have to wait. i have been letting work take over life, which may be fine for short periods of time, but it has been going on too long.

so on sunday i sat by the pool for most of the day. i was also studying, but hey, i was still by the pool :-)

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One Response to at the pool

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I want to be by the pool! Says the girl who lives less than 10 minutes from Lake Michigan and gorgeous beaches....haha


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