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i've spent some time looking for new knobs for the buffet. in conclusion - everything that i like is expensive. esp. when we need to by 13... i guess i could change the configuration of the knobs. i could make it so the two side doors only have one knob instead of two. or i guess i could do a handle on the doors instead. i could also just center one knob on the center of each drawer too. but i kind of like how it looks now. what do you think?
by the way, i'm leaning towards painting it a medium gray, if that helps. probably a paint with a high gloss finish. if i paint it, that leaves more options for reconfiguring the knobs because i can fill/patch holes.
because i do not want to spend a lot of $$ on the knobs, i've decided to limit myself with what i can buy at lowes. plus we have a gift card to lowes :-)

here are some options:

originally i thought i wanted some kind of clear glass knob. i like this one above, but now i'm worried that it might actually compete with the glass light fixture. plus i am not sure that it really works with the style of the buffet. it is more antique looking, and i am trying to bring some more modern style into this room since most of our furniture at this point is vintage craigslist finds.
i could go simple, something like this might be best if i keep all 13.
this square option could make it look more contemporary.
i actually saw something like this at another store and kind of liked it - i think the one i saw in the store was a little more simple though. this might be more traditional, and again, i'm not sure that it would look right with the style of the cabinet.
i just found this one today online - it might actually be my favorite just based on pictures. but i haven't seen it in person yet. it also comes in pewter (pictured above) which could look nice with the gray. but maybe it would be too much xs13.

so that's the update on the buffet - still trying to commit to painting it gray, and trying to find inexpensive hardware.

today is actually my birthday so i decide no house work this weekend. instead we spent some time at the pool earlier, and are just relaxing around the house this afternoon. mike is making me a nice birthday dinner later. so far it's been a great day :-)

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7 Responses to buffet hardware

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...


ps - I like the glass knobs and the last ones the best.

behind the fourth door said...

Happy Birthday! I love the gray color and think the last knobs are my faves.

Allison aka Half of VAMH said...

Happy Birthday!

Do you have an IKEA near you? I think their sleek hardware would look amazing. Also, check ebay, that is where I bought hardware for our kitchen, super cheap.

Does the middle pull out like a drawer or a cabinet?

Katie said...

oh i wish we had an ikea! the one is chicago is about 5 hours away and is the closest.

i didn't think of ebay, i'll have to check that out.

the middle is another cabinet door - the entire bottom is open on the inside, it just has 3 doors to access it. there are actually only 3 drawers at the top (one side has two drawers, and the other side is one larger drawer).

Rachel Le said...

Well happy birthday to you! I hope you had a great day :)

I vote for either the first simple knobs or the square ones- I think they best fit your style. The last ones are cool but I think simpler might be better.

I do like the current knob configuration. And the gray looks like a great choice.

Dennis and Su said...

I like #2 and love #3. Any would look very nice and much better than the porcelain ones currently on it.

Oh, and Happy Birthday as well. Sorry I missed it.

oneluckycouple said...

I LOVE the glass ones. Our door knobs are that style, and we do have a good number of crystal lamps around, and I don't think they clash.

Happy birthday!!!


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