graduation, tests, and misc.

thanks for the comments on the netbook. i think we're going to go this weekend and take a look at them and then decide. i have a feeling it will come down to cost - if they really are half the price of laptops, that might be the deciding factor. i don't know that i want to spend a lot of money on a computer right now.

as for the rest of our lives - a lot has been going on! i'll give you the quick recap version...

- i took my second architecture exam yesterday morning. it was really difficult. i felt like i spent a lot of time studying, and most of what i studied wasn't even on the test. it seems that they have a very wide range of questions/information that they pull from for these tests, which makes it extremely difficult to know what to study. i should find out the results in about a month, so we'll see... i'm not feeling very good about it though, i've checked the answers to a couple of questions that i guessed on and so far i've discovered that i answered them incorrectly. i stopped looking up the questions after that! it was construction documents and services for those of you are interested. meanwhile, i went ahead and signed up for the next one. i'm taking programming, planning, and practice at the end of june. i've heard that the ppp test is even worse with the range of questions, so i guess i just have to hope for the best.

- we had a bad storm on tuesday and a giant branch from our tree fell onto our power line and pulled the line out of the house. we still had electricity somehow, but we had a live wire across our yard, over the fence, into the neighbors yard, and into the alley. the power company finally came last night and fixed the wire. but now our tree looks even more awkward.

- the pets have fleas. all 4 of them. they all just sit around a scratch, they seem pretty miserable. we've starting the process of flea baths, medicine, and super cleaning. hopefully we are able to get rid of them without too much trouble (the fleas, not the pets), i've heard horror stories from other people who have had pets with fleas. i think we caught it fairly early (they don't seem that bad) and we don't have a lot of carpet or soft surfaces in our house which i think will help.

- we spent the weekend in columbus for my brother-in-law's high school graduation. we had a great time and got to see a lot of family and friends. and because posts with pictures are more fun, here is my youngest brother-in-law, mike, me, and my other brother-in-law after the graduation.
one of these things is not like the others... :-) i was even wearing shoes with tall heels!

hope you all are having a great week!

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3 Responses to graduation, tests, and misc.

BunnyMendelbaum said...

I know exactly what you mean about the exams. I came out of Materials & Methods CONVINCED that I had studied for the wrong exam. All the questions were from so far out in left field. I did pass though, so I hope you do the same!

Katie said...

bunny - i even checked at the top of the screen at one point to make sure that it was the correct test! i think that after my first pass at the multiple choice questions i had marked at least 40 out of the 100 to go back and review. and that doesn't even mean i was 100% sure of the other ones, i just didn't think i needed to review them again.

Dennis and Su said...

You just look cute and "normal-sized" amongst those "giants!" lol

Love your outfit. Tres cute!


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