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it's been awhile since i've posted a wish list. my house wish list is an ever changing thing, but here is what i currently have my eye on:kulla light from ikea. we have a mysterious ceiling light plate cover in the den. but there is no switch on the wall. we need to do some investigating to see if there is actually power in the ceiling (and if you're been reading this blog for awhile, you know how well we do when we investigate electricity). if there is power, i'd like to install an overhead light. i love this light from ikea and the black color would go perfectly in the room.i also like these wire baskets from crate and barrel. i can imagine them on the shelves in the den, filled with misc. books and supplies. i am always in need of more storage.

once i have some time again, i'm still planning on working on the buffet. even though it's still a work in progress, that doesn't stop me from thinking about what i can use it for. besides extra storage, i'm also hoping to get some kind of lamp to put on top, as well as some artwork to hang above it. i'd also like a few of these decanters.

i have never bought furniture from urban outfitters, but i keep coming close to purchasing this small table:
for only $60, i think it would be a great addition in our house. problem is, i can't decide where i want to put it. right now i'm leaning towards the living room, but who knows where it would end up. i have several places that could use a small table.

lastly, i've been thinking for awhile now about switching out the green chair in the den with some kind of daybed.
i kind of like this daybed from west elm, but it's kind of expensive and i'm not sure that i love it. the other day i did some quick google image searches and came up with these options:

these are, of course, vintage daybeds that are way way pricey. but now i'm thinking that maybe we can make something. i think i would like it to have a solid back, but not upholstered. that way i can use pillows for a back rest when using it more like a couch, but take them off when i want it to be a bed. how complicated do you think it would be to build one...
this is an old picture, but the daybed would replace this green chair and ottoman, and go along this wall.

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One Response to wish list

Dennis and Su said...

Really cool ideas on your wish list. I especially like the first light, the wire baskets, and I WANT 2 of the end tables please!


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