in 7 weeks

mike's parents are coming to visit us in 7 weeks. we are super excited, but i am also feeling some pressure. you see, mike's parents have not yet been able to visit us in our house. my parents were actually visiting us when we first looked at this house with our realtor, so they know how far we've come. my parents are able to come visit us enough that i feel that they can see our progress even though there are many things left to do. the "now" is a little more explainable if you know the "before". but since this is mike's parents first visit, i would really like our house to look its best (well, the best that it can). mostly it would just be nice to finish all of our half started projects. lately i seem to be really good at starting something and just not having the time to complete it. typically i work a little better with a deadline...

so with that in mind, over the next 7 weeks, i hope to finish the following projects:

- super clean the basement. it's starting to smell funny and is just really dirty. we are having a garage sale in a few weeks anyway and will need to go through everything for that. i'd like to paint the walls in the basement and possibly paint the floor. we haven't done anything to the basement since we moved in (except fill it with all of our stuff) and it would be nice to just freshen it up. the stairs going down to the basement are bright bright blue, it would also be nice to paint the stairs. we went to lowes over the weekend and bought a random assortment of basement supplies, including some organization containers, commercial strength cleaner, some new insulation, and new ducts so that we can finally properly vent the dryer. exciting, i know.

- finish the buffet. we need to have it done so we can gain the much needed storage space. we've tried to fix the top of the buffet without sanding it, but it just wasn't working. so we're back to sanding, and it is taking forever...

- finish the guest bedroom projects, including finishing up painting the closet. right now we are using the guest bed as a temporary linen closet. which means the cats are loving sleeping on all of the clean towels and sheets, and now i will have to do a bunch of laundry to wash everything again before putting it all away.

- remove the last of the wallpaper in our stairwell, paint, and install our new light fixture. we bought the light fixture months ago and have everything we need... except for a tall ladder. so we need to just go out and rent a ladder and then not be afraid of climbing a ladder over the stairs. this might be mike's job....

i wish that i could add installing the floors downstairs to that list, but i just don't see how that can happen. along with house projects, we also have a lot of other things going on in the next couple of months. plus football is starting, and we can't miss that!

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One Response to in 7 weeks

Dennis and Su said...

If they read your blog they will know how far you've come. Relax! You are a great hostess and daughter in law. They want to see you more than the house. It's all good! (truthfully, I'd be freaking out myself. I always get nervous when entertaining!)


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