floor prep: part 1

last night we started the floor flattening/leveling process. we put some nails into the floor along the outside edges of the dining room and ran some strings between the nails to see where the floor started to dip. we are using 1/2" osb to build up the floor in the worst spot and will be feathering out the egdes of the osb with floor patch. the floor will still not be perfect, but this should make it good enough to install our underlayment followed by the new hardwood.
and if you're ever looking for a fun game to play with the cat, i highly recommend nailing string to the floor. this will provide hours of entertainment for both you and the cat. i'm pretty sure trevi hates me now.

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One Response to floor prep: part 1

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I will have to try that cat game! ha


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