by then end of the day friday, we had the flooring complete around the fireplace:

by the end of saturday we had completed portions of the dining room and living room and had started on the long runs of flooring that go through both rooms. highlight of the day is when the floor in the two rooms actually met up. yay math skills and laser levels.

i do not want to talk about how much time was spent trying to lay the flooring around the radiator...
(it looks good, i didn't purposely try to hide it with the box in the photo) one radiator done, only 3 more to go.

on saturday we also did more floor prep in the living room (liquid leveler and osb) and put grout on the fireplace tiles. note how the tile and the floor are the same level, also glad that worked out. i made a "frame" for the tiles out of the wood flooring, but i guess it's difficult to see in this photo.

we made good progress on sunday, it goes so much faster when we just have to install long runs without many cuts.
i also bought and stained a bunch of shoe molding, i decided that we might as well get that installed behind some of the larger/heavier pieces of furniture before we start putting things back in place.

we'll see how much progress is made today (took the day off of work). i'm hoping to have the flooring done in both of these rooms, and possibly some shoe molding installed.

overall thoughts on this project so far:
- i wish we would have looked into the price of just buying a floor stapler. i have a feeling that when we're done with this, we will have paid more in rental fees than if we would have just bought one ourselves.
- my body hurts. i didn't realize how much hard physical work this would be. i'm getting old.
- i'm excited that the flooring is in, and is looking good, and is in great condition. i think the type, color, and board width look great in the house. i am really happy with that decision. but it is kind of bittersweet... i wish we would have been able to save the original floors. these floors just look so, well, new, and i like the character of old floors in old houses. i'm sure it will make a difference though once the furniture is in and we're not just focusing on the floors. these rooms will finally be done, and i'm looking forward to feeling like the house is actually clean. with the old floors, the house never felt clean to me because of all of the dirt, stains, and wood splinters that we had. it also didn't help that we could see into the basement in several places...

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11 Responses to progress

Sarah said...

Those floors look great. Love it with the dark trim!

emily said...

amazing! great job :)

LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Looks great!! I love that you picked flooring that looks like it could be original, but in amazing shape. You know?

Like going to the hair dresser and asking them to put it in an updo that looks like you could have done it yourself, but didn't. KWIM?

H HoopThiel said...

This looks Awesome!!

behind the fourth door said...

Looking fabulous!!

I know how hard it can be to make the decision to go with new floors in an old house. Even when the original floors are in terrible and practically unrepairable shape-it still is hard to make the choice.

Bunny @ 86n It said...

looks great!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Whoa, it looks great! Is all your trim painted black, or just stained really dark? It's so sexy!

Katie said...

lifebegins - i completely know what you mean! we tried to at least stick with a new floor that wouldn't look out of place in our old house.

sara - the trim is stained that dark - in some lights it looks almost black but it is really a very dark brown. and none of the woodwork really matches room to room - in the dining room it is slightly lighter and has more red in it. at first i didn't really care for the trim color, but painting the walls and now the new floor has made a huge difference.

all - thanks for the comments! we're excited about how it is turning out!

hiphousegirl said...

holy macandcheese! I understand how you feel bad for not being able to save the old ones, but I also know that feeling of never have the house clean because of dirty old splintery floors. I think you chose a really classic style of wood, though and it goes great in your house. Love the dark trim.

Tanja @ Postmodern Hostess said...

I am beyond impressed at the quality of your workmanship! When we did our new fireplace, we purposely did not do any tile inlay into the floor, partially because the room is so small and it would dictate the floor plan too much, but mainly because we did not think we could get the level to match up exactly. Big props to you for making it all look so seamless! And that work under the radiator.... breathtaking.

Sweat Pea said...

Hi! Would you minding offering us some guidance as to HOW you layed the flooring under the radiators? We are about to embark on this very project (in fact, our houses look very similar) and are pretty stumped as to how to plan for the 5 radiators we have in our way. I will watch for your comment (hopefully!) or you can email me at stefanie.astronaut {at} gmail . com -- Thank you in advance and your house looks gorgeous!!


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