it's here!

the floor arrived today! since we ordered it online, it arrived by freight. i have to say, i have been very impressed with this entire process - i had to contact both the store and a few different freight companies (it changed hands a few times to get here) earlier in the week to figure out the delivery day so i could schedule to be off work in advance. everyone was very nice and helpful. the truck was supposed to arrive between 12 and 3 today, but the driver ended up calling me at 9am (i was at work) and said that he would prefer to either do our delivery first or last because the rest of his deliveries for the day were out of town. i ended up leaving work at 12 anyway just to be safe, and he called me several times throughout the afternoon giving me an update on his schedule. he didn't end up at our house until 5:30, but it actually worked out perfectly because mike was home from work by then. originally the plan was that i would have to move all of the boxes of flooring into the house myself (19 boxes at approx. 50 lbs each, um yeah...) because mike doesn't have any extra pto this year. i did help to unload the truck, but i don't think i would have made it unloading all of the boxes on my own. the driver technically isn't supposed to help move the boxes, they are only responsible for curb side delivery. although, the nice driver did tell me that if i had been the only one home he would have helped me get everything at least closer to the house.

one of the boxes had come open in transport and the driver made sure to point this out and write up a claim form for us. it doesn't look like anything is damaged or missing, but i feel better knowing that if we do need to get the box replaced, we shouldn't have any trouble.

i, of course, went ahead and started to lay out some of the floor from the open box just to see what it will look like. while the new hardwood doesn't have the same variation of the existing, i think it will look so nice when it's installed.
the color is a good match, can you spot the new floor in the photo? you can also see our first attempt at floor patch. we actually ended up going back to liquid leveler to fill out the dip. we went to lowes originally to get the liquid leveler but the person working in the flooring department talked us into this floor patch instead. while it is less expensive, we were having a hard time using it to feather out the edge of the osb, so we decided to use liquid leveler instead. we've already put down a couple of bags of it (this photo was taken earlier in the evening) and it is working much better.

by the end of the weekend we hope to be done with the leveling/flattening and potentially even be done with installing the osb underlayment. wish us luck! it is also mike's last home rugby game of the season, so we will need to take a break from floor work for that. hope you all have a good weekend!

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InteriorGroupie said...

Just came across your blog today -- the floor work you did looks great! i bet you got rid of all of the squeaks and uneven me something to strive for :)


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