more progress

on monday we were able to finish the flooring in the living room.
we also finished staining the shoe molding and installed most of the molding in the living room. after doing a price comparision i decided to try to stain unfinished oak molding myself instead of buying the prefinished molding offered by the hardwood floor manufacturer. i feel like i got a good stain match and this saved us some money. we wanted to get this done before moving the larger pieces of furniture back.
at the end of the day on monday we just had a few rows left to do in the dining room, but they are the most complicated because we have another radiator to go around.
last night i had to work late, but mike was able to start installing the floor around the radiator. hopefully tonight we will be able to finish that up and install the rest of the shoe molding in the living room and dining room. and then move some furniture back!

next up, the entry way, kitchen, and 1/2 bath...

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3 Responses to more progress

H HoopThiel said...

I mean, seriously, you guys rock. This looks fabulous. I can only imagine how exhausted you both must be ... We miss you!!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Dang tootin, this is awesome! I'm such a dork. You guys are not, though. Just geniuses.

Dennis and Su said...

Looks fantastic! If the whole Architect thingy doesn't work out, hey... !!


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