floor prep: part 2

what i learned today:

- it is easy to get caught up in project planning/supply buying at the hardware store and leave your purse behind on a pile of osb.

- there are still nice people in the world who will find your purse and then look around the store until they find the woman with a cart of osb, and no purse. thank you nice guy in the green striped sweater. you made my day.

- hardwood floor boxes are heavy. next time, we should try to have all of the prep work done before bringing the floor boxes into the house. we've had to move them from room to room multiple times already and i swear that they are just getting heavier.

- liquid leveler is amazing. we should have just started with the liquid leveler and not the floor patch.

- we really under estimated how long it would take us to prep the floor for the underlayment, and then install the underlayment. i was hoping to be mostly done with this by the end of the weekend. we only have the dining room done. but, the dining room is the most complicated room. and we did get the backerboard cut and down and ready for the tile. hopefully we can continue to make progress on the flattening/leveling and the underlayment this week so that we can start to install the flooring next weekend.

- and lastly, a cat, given the chance, will indeed play with a mouse. note to self, stop buying cat toys that look like mice. because it might take a little while to realize that the toy mouse that the cat is playing with is not really a toy...

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2 Responses to floor prep: part 2

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Wow, lots of progress! Thank goodness for nice people that don't steal purses, right?

Dennis and Su said...

Whoa! Loads of work. Where do you get the energy.

Oh, yeah. You're young!


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