living room rug

Today Mike picked up our new rug from the C&B warehouse. It's starting to look like a living room... the dogs love it! I'm glad we went with the 8x10 for this room, I think it's the perfect size.

We worked on the bathroom a little more last night and are trying to make final decisions on what to do about the window repair. Tonight I decided that I wanted to organize all of the boxes a little, they were all just stacked up in one of the other bedrooms. So I started moving them into the back small bedroom (remember the one with the yellow carpet stuff on the floor?) because I think that will be the last bedroom we get to. We also tried to reorganize the boxes based on what was in them (kitchen all together, etc) so hopefully we can start to unpack more now once we finish various rooms. I found the rest of my shoes, that makes me happy :-)

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3 Responses to living room rug

Rachel said...

I just finished catching up on posts... I love what you've done so far! It's so amazing what a little paint can do. It's going to look so great when you've finished!!

Dennis and Sue said...

The dogs look very content. Nice rug. A smaller one would look lost in the big room. Good choice.

Mom and Dad said...

Well, I signed your Mom up, so now she can post stuff here.


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