you can't handle the truth

I've probably already said this somewhere, but this current kitchen renovation is not a complete renovation. It's more like a paint-over-everything-so-I-feel-ok-about-unpacking-my-dishes-and-preparing-food kind of renovation. Basically we are removing wallpaper (argh!), painting the walls, ceiling, cabinets and figuring out something to do with the floor once the carpet is removed. We're also removing the built-in table and a few cabinets (done!) as well as the very scary trash compactor (avoiding). So we're trying not to spend very much money at all on this project. We even bought the new light fixture (to replace the plastic fruit light fixture that lets off almost no light) on the sale table at Lowes. It's not all that great looking, but it has 3 bulbs in it and it was cheap. Then, at some point in the future after we have saved up some money, we'll demo the whole kitchen and start over. Anyway, one thing I do want to do now is replace the cabinet hardware when we paint the cabinets. I think it will help a lot with just making the kitchen seem more updated and liveable for the next few years. This is the current hardware:
Yuck. I've been looking all over for cheap but nice looking cabinet hardware. That's hard to find! Ideally, I think I'd like to replace all of the handles with more handles, b/c then I don't have to worry about filling holes or drilling new holes since that just adds time. So I started my search and gave myself a $3 per handle limit. I found this at Lowes:
And you also get a sneak peak at the cabinet color test :-) Anyway, I really liked this at first, but now I think it will look too contemporary with the current cabinet style and the other things that are going on in the house. We'll call that one Option 1.

I couldn't really find any other handles that fit my cost requirements, so I moved on to just looking at single knobs. Also very expensive. I did find these 2 options:Basic round knob - $20 for 10, so I like the price, but they are kind of boring for me... Option 2.These are fun and are also $2 each, but I'm thinking that the drawers could be hard to open and close with these. Option 3.

Then, last night I remembered that I had just picked up the new hardware for the bathroom cabinet when I was at Target one day. So I went upstairs and took off the handle to see what it would look like on the kitchen cabinets:

Simple, but I kind of like it. So that's Option 4. Here's another picture I found online so you can see it better:
So, what do you think? Which one do you like best? Or do you have any other suggestions? I know that in a few years when we do the whole kitchen I'll want something completely different so I'm not even trying to think about finding something that I could potentially reuse then.
Or what if I put Option 3 on the cabinets and just use Option 4 for the drawers.... hmmm...

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4 Responses to you can't handle the truth

Dennis and Sue said...

Over all, with the age of the house, I like option 4, probably for both doors and drawers. Thry are simple, clean looking, and not too modern. they may be the safest for now.

Sorry you asked?

Rachel said...

Just from the pictures I like option 1 best, but it's hard to say from just that! I think option 4 would definitely work though.

Katie said...

yeah, we keep going back and forth b/t option 1 and 4 - i think i like 4 better, but mike really likes 1. i do think both would look nice, now we just need to pick one! thanks for the comments!

Rachel said...

Pick the cheaper one ;)


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