window help!

We have 4 windows in our living room that desperately need new blinds/shades. They are not a standard size (only about 18" wide). Everything is way more expensive when you have to custom order it, and even more so when you need it times 4. But here are some of the things I've found (all from JC Penney's website):roman shade - probably would get the ivory color
wood roman shade
roller shade - would get the kind that is straight across at the bottom, probably in ivory
wooden mini blinds, either 1" or 2"
The wooden mini blinds would be the most expensive, and the roller shades would be the least. I normally would not even consider a roller shade b/c I've never seen one I like, but 1) we could actually afford to get them soon, and 2) they don't take up very much space at all when fully open. I'm kind of worried that the roman shades might still cover up the window too much when open, it's hard to see in the picture but the top of the window frame is only about 1" thick above the window. The windows open in the middle, so they are hinged on the sides and open in pairs, like a pair of doors? Does that make sense? Sorry, I don't have a picture of them open. So I really need 4 seperate blinds. The mini blinds that are on there now fit the windows nicely, but they are the cheap kind and are the last horrible pink thing in the room. They need to go, asap. I've also thought about trying to either make my own blinds, or customize some kind of store bought blind... as you can see, I need help! Any ideas/comments would be very appreciated!

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6 Responses to window help!

Marge said...

Oooh I like the first ones! I feel like they would fit with your couches really well. I also love your puppies!!! They are beautiful dogs!

And that is hilarious that we are in love with the same couch... Maybe we could get it and cut it in half... ;)

Rachel said...

I think I'm going to vote for the first ones too. They're sort of geometric and I feel like that fits your style/furniture.

Kristin said...

Hi Katie!! How are you doing? I love your blog, and seeing what you are doing with the house. I am so jealous since it will be years I am sure before I am out of an apt with all the moving I do...hahaha!!! But my vote would have to go with the first one's as well :) Well, I hope you and Mike are both doing well....hopefully we will all see each other at Christmas.

Dennis and Sue said...

Of course, I like the expensive wooden blinds. Roller shades would be in keeping with the age of the house I think, but they would also have heavy drapes covering them. Because of the retro/modern look of your furnishings, the cloth Roman blinds would probably work.

But that's only MY opinion! Hey, you asked!

Katie said...

so I guess I'll just wait and see when the cloth roman shades go on sale again! Thanks for all of the help, I kept just going back and forth about what to do, but I knew that you all would give good advice :-)

ROXY said...

I vote for the wooden mini blinds or the wooden roman shades!! Can't wait to see pictures of what you chose. I have to get window coverings myself soon!


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