now I can sleep better at night

We had visitors over the weekend! Grandma, Grandpa, Mom and my brother all came out for a visit. We had a great time, lots of good food, some sightseeing, and of course lots of laughter. Especially when we "accidentally" left Alan in the car... And since they volunteered to help out with the house while they were here, we were excited to have Grandpa help to make our house a little more secure...
This is what our door knob on the back door used to look like. For some reason this door is a dutch door (has a top and bottom half that can be opened/closed separately). So the door locked on the bottom half, and had a large slide lock to keep the two parts of the door together. Not only could we not unlock the door from the exterior, it was difficult to close, the door knob was very lose and I was always worried that it wasn't actually shut or locked. We had bought a new door knob and deadbolt set a few weeks ago, but weren't really sure what the best way was to install it since we have the dutch door.
Grandpa and Mike worked on it for an afternoon, and look! Brand new door knob and deadbolt! Yay! We still need to install a new slide lock to keep the two doors together and touch up the paint, but it's so much better already. Don't worry, Grandma and Mom started working on a project of their own, but I don't have any after photos of that, so you'll have to wait. So thanks family for coming to visit! We had a great time and really appreciate all of your help on the house!

Sometimes it's fun to be a tourist in your own city.

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One Response to now I can sleep better at night

Dennis and Sue said...

It's good to have such a "handy" Grandpa! Well done!


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