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Things are slow here at work lately, which is dangerous because now I spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer, looking at randomness online. And the best way to waste time is to look for fun new things for the house! As much as I enjoy (really, I do enjoy) working on the house, I'm also looking forward to the time when I can actually start to unpack some of the boxes and put the finishing touches on each room. We've been waiting to do a lot of the decorating because 1) most (all) of our money right now is going towards paint, new door knobs, drywall, and the 1000 other things our house really needs, and 2) since we need to refinish the floors upstairs, and completely replace the floors downstairs, we really don't want to have to repack everything in a few months when we get to those projects. Anyway, here are the most recent things I've added to my wish list:
This bed is from Crate & Barrel - there is a similar one at Room & Board that I also love. This is the most expensive thing I want... but it's so perfect. Besides, don't you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping? Someday, it will be mine. I am also trying to figure out a way that I could just make a bed like this myself. Besides the legs, none of the frame actually shows so I could make it out of mdf or something like that, right? The upholstery would be the hard part, but my mom and I have upholstered many things before. Mom, do you think we could make this?? (notice how I just included you in this project, Mike just laughed when I asked him if he thought we could make it... seems like a 2 person job) Or maybe I should just start saving some money so I can buy it in 10 years.
And then I want 2 of these for bedside tables (from urban outfitters), I think they will look great with the style of the bed. Lately I've been really into mid-century modern furniture, and my new obsession with the show Mad Men doesn't help.
Remember how I said I wanted 2 of these for the living room? Well, I already changed my mind...
Now I want something like this instead. Except I don't want to buy these chairs new, I'm hoping I can find some on craigslist. I saw some awhile ago before we had the house so I couldn't justify buying them then. Now I'll just search craigslist everyday until someone is selling them. I would love to have a pair of matching chairs, but I might have to be ok with 2 unmatching b/c I think it will be much harder to find 2 of the same...
moving on to the dining room, I saw these curtains in the Ikea catalog. We have one large window in the dining room, I think these curtains would do a good job of bringing in some of the colors from the living room (the green and gray) and would look nice with the antique white walls. I'm having a hard time finding a rug to go under the dining room table, but I'll keep looking, don't worry :-)
Remember when I photoshopped this light fixture into the living room? It's from cb2 and it's huge (34" in diameter). I think that we need something of that size for the living room, but then I saw that they also sell this one:

It's only 20" in diameter, but a lot less expensive. Hmmm... I think the larger one would look better, what do you think? We still need to find a fixture for above the dining room table, I thought about getting 2 of the same fixture since the rooms are so open to each other. But I'd have to hang them at different heights so I think I'd better stick with the original idea of 2 different fixtures.

That's all for now, I'm sure I'll have other "wish list" items to post later. Let me know what you think!

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3 Responses to things the house wants

Rachel said...

I almost bought that fabric (but in black and white) at Ikea even though I had no idea what I'd do with it. It's amazing!!

You can totally make that bed. Easy peasy.

Katie said...

oh, i didn't know you could buy just the fabric! even better! maybe i could make some matching pillows.... danger. probably a good thing that the nearest ikea is 5 hours away :-)

Dennis and Sue said...

I agree. You could build the bed and you and your Mom could upholster it. I've seen your work!

Love retro-modern home furnishings. I have furniture from our library from the '60s. It is shaped like the second white chair you have pictured. (wood frames with upholstered seat & back.) The bedside tables you want are really great! I'd like those as well.


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