maybe I should go away more often!

I've been avoiding mentioning on the blog that we've been having a plumbing issue for the past month or so. I think that I thought if I didn't mention it, it would go away or something. To sum it up quickly, there was a leak in the main water line, maybe caused by the copper pipe break-in that happened prior to us owning the house, we wanted the previous owner's insurance to pay for it b/c they dealt with the original claim... ugh. But, I think we've finally figured it all out and have it fixed. The reason why I mention this now is that while Mike stayed home over the weekend just to make sure everything was ok, and I went to Chicago to visit our friends. I couldn't really expect him to do much work on the house while I was off having tons of fun, so I only requested that he finish painting the kitchen ceiling and maybe start sanding the cabinets if he got really bored...

And guess what!?! When I got home last night, I saw that he had not only painted the ceiling, but he had also sanded, cleaned, and primed all of the cabinets. And, he was finishing up putting the first coat of paint on all of the cabinets, doors, and drawers! The kitchen already looks completely different! The cabinets look so clean and bright! I love the color. And no, I didn't take any pictures yet. I think I might make you all wait until we're done painting the cabinets and walls, and put the new hardware on before I give you the after photo. Maybe it's not very nice of me to make you wait, but I like the added drama, it makes it more fun. :-)

But since I do feel bad not posting any pictures, here is my new love from the weekend, a candle from Anthropologie that smells amazing. I kept walking around the mall after I bought it and opening up and smelling it. Delicious. I almost feel bad for burning it, I hope that it smells as good then and that it lasts a super long time.

I also got some other new fun things for the house, I do love Ikea. I'll make sure to post some pictures of what I purchased soon. And thanks Mike for all your hard work over the weekend, it kind of makes me feel like I should have bought you more of those cookies you like from Ikea... I guess I can at least share my new candle with you.

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One Response to maybe I should go away more often!

Dennis and Sue said...

Wow! Good on Mike! What a guy! We're looking forward to seeing photographic proof!


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