why you shouldn't put carpet in a kitchen:

Last night we removed the last of the carpet in the house! While not pink, green, or bright blue, I think the kitchen carpet was by far the grossest carpet in the house. There is a reason why you really shouldn't put carpet in your kitchen...

In addition to finding more dead mice under the stove, and large amounts of rat poison that had somehow gotten under the carpet, we also found that there is a lot of water damage to the luaun and particle board around the sink and dishwasher. This sets back our plan of putting the cabinets together this evening and starting to finally unpack kitchen boxes tomorrow... I don't know what I was hoping for with the carpet removal, I knew that there was a good chance we'd find some water damage, and really, it's not nearly as bad as it could have been. We decided that we needed to do this now though before we started repairing the walls. Oh, and for those of you who have been impatient with the cabinet pictures, you can see some of the painted cabinets above :-P The trash bag is there because the cat seems to really like to sit under the sink, and it's kinda gross under there. Anyway, I think the new plan is to remove the top layer of luaun and see how far down the water damage goes. If it pretty much is just on the top layer, we'll just replace the luaun. I'm really hoping that's all we need to do. I have an idea for an inexpensive floor finish that we might use, we'll see how that works out. I think that we might go ahead and put the cabinets together this weekend anyway, I'm excited to see how they look.

After all the mess and ugliness that we put in our poor house, I decided that I needed to bring in something pretty:
These are actually from my office. Every day the security company has fresh flowers put in the lobby, and they give the flowers from the previous day to one of the tenants. Yesterday afternoon I was the only one in the office when they brought the flowers up for us. Technically, I think the idea is to leave them in the office for everyone to enjoy... but 3 of the 7 people I work with are out today anyway, so I decided to take them home last night instead. Besides, someone should get to enjoy them over the weekend, right?

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One Response to why you shouldn't put carpet in a kitchen:

BunnyMendelbaum said...

Beautiful Flowers!

Sorry, I forgot all about the house numbers! Our local home depot still has them. I can send them to you if you'd like. I assume you'd want '528'? What finish? satin nickel? very dark bronze, or black? Email me at bunnymendelbaum@yahoo.com and let me know!


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