Weekend recap - Friday

On Friday night we did what we do on most Friday nights... Ran a few errands (including picking up a circular saw we borrowed from friends) and got back to work on the house. Someday we'll go out to dinner, go see a movie, or something slightly more normal. But we've been extra motivated to finish this kitchen project up, esp. now that the end is in sight! We spent the rest of the evening removing the luaun from the kitchen floor. Underneath we found what we thought was just very gross particle board...
But then realized it was more carpet pad that had been glued to the particle board, making the top surface even more gross. So yes, for those of you that have been paying attention, that means that there was carpet in the kitchen at some other point. That carpet pad didn't really come up off the subfloor since it was glued, so they put down luaun, more carpet pad, and another layer of carpet. We removed all of the luaun, any large pieces of gross carpet pad that we could, and then had to go back in and remove most of the screws with pliers since they were so rusted we couldn't get them out any other way. Fun times.
This is what we were left with.
Then we put Kilz primer down on the entire floor. This picture is actually from Saturday morning, we ran out of Kilz about halfway through the kitchen on Friday night, but since no hardware store is open at midnight, we had to wait until Saturday morning to finish. And if there is such a thing as 24 hour Lowes or Home Depot, please don't tell me, it's best if I just don't know about these things. We used 2 entire gallons on the kitchen floor (keep in mind it's only about 11'x11') but now we feel much better about cooking food in there...

And yes, I am aware that I used the word "gross" about a dozen times in that post, but that's really the only way to describe the kitchen floor :-) Gross.

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