so much candy!

On Thursday we moved the kitchen stuff that we've been using into our dining room. We wanted it out of the way so we could continue to remove the wallpaper. It's kind of weird to use the microwave in the dining room :-)
We also made good progress on the wallpaper removal on Thursday:

On Friday, when I got home from work, I saw some of the neighbors outside getting ready for the trick-or-treaters. I started talking to them and quickly realized that we did not have enough candy for the amount of kids that the street gets on Halloween. Mike and I ran out and got more candy, but we still completely ran out after only about an hour! I've never seen so many kids! It was a great night though, we enjoyed sitting outside passing out candy and talking to our neighbors. Later that night we went to a great Halloween party, but we forgot the camera so we didn't get any pictures.
I hope that you all had a great Halloween!

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One Response to so much candy!

Dennis and Sue said...

Is your kitchen ceiling wall papered?!? Didn't they understand the purpose of wall paper was to cover WALLS? Oh my...

Rachel, Nathan, and 6 of their friends converged on OUR house for Halloween weekend. It was really fun.

I've posted a photo of my vintage library chair on our blog for you to see.


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