Weekend recap - Saturday

Maybe I should back up a little before I tell you about Saturday's work, and tell you about Friday night when we were all (supposed to be) sleeping. You see, Trevi (cat above) likes to get into anything and everything. I think he's mad that all of his cat toys are still packed up. In addition to the normal things cats will play with (blind cords, yarn, milk rings, small bits of wallpaper from the kitchen that likes to float around our house) he has become obsessed lately with paint rollers. That's right, paint rollers.
He likes to carry them around the house, bat them around, roll them down the stairs... He discovered this awhile ago when I had the extra rollers sitting out in the living room. He would just kind of move them around the living room. Now we have cleaned up the painting supplies, and the extra rollers are in the basement. On a shelf. Away. On Friday night, he somehow got this roller out of the basement, brought it up two flights of stairs, and played with it in our bedroom. He likes to bring it to me so I can throw it for him. Cause, you know, cats normally play fetch with paint rollers. I finally got out of bed and took it away from him, but it's kind of hard to hid a paint roller when you're half asleep. When I got up in the morning, he had at least moved it to the bathroom and was playing with it in there. Crazy cat.

Anyway, on Saturday we went to Home Depot and Lowes and bought supplies for the floor repair. We came home and finished putting Kilz on the floor.

That's actually why the cat is in the dog cage in the first picture. He kept walking across the wet paint. Like I said, he likes to get into things. Oh, and no, the dog cage is not normally in the middle of the living room, but the dogs are usually gated in the kitchen while we're gone during the day. We had to set up the dog cage temporarily while we finish up the kitchen. It does make a nice large work surface though:
What? Normal people don't live like this?
How about like this? With their stove in their entry way? The fridge would be there too but it didn't fit through the doorway. Besides, the fridge doesn't like to be moved around a lot. It proved this when the water line for the ice maker broke and sprayed water all over the kitchen.

But back to the kitchen work. The plywood is on the dog cage because we spent the rest of the afternoon on Saturday cutting 4 sheets of 4'x8' birch plywood into 2'x2' squares. It was easier to mark it all out in the living room before taking it to the basement to cut it down.

Saturday night we went to a Thanksgiving potluck with our friends and ate lots of super yummy food. And played Cranium (our team won). See? We do have fun, I promise it's not all house work. Just mostly house work. Although we did come home from the dinner and spent another hour or so putting floor leveler on the uneven spots...
We left the floor leveler to dry overnight, and found small paw prints in it in the morning. Gee, I wonder which of our pets decided to do that??

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