favorite $10 purchase

awhile ago i was reading one of my favorite blogs, chezerbey, and saw a picture of a clock that they had in their bathroom. i really liked the clock and was excited to see that the clock was from ikea and was only $10.

i have been to ikea several times since and have looked for the clock but could never find it. then it disappeared from ikea's website so i assumed that they no longer were carrying it.

when we went to ikea in cinci, guess what i found?? the clock!


the only working clock on the first floor of the house was the one on the coffee maker, so i'm really excited that i can now know what time it is when i'm in the living room. we had to do a little rearranging, but it is now part of our photo wall:


and, the clock is now back on the ikea website. what do you think? i still can't believe it was only $10!

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2 Responses to favorite $10 purchase

Lauren said...

Haha...just saw this pop up on my google reader! It looks great! I noticed they were no longer at our local IKEA last time I was there. Glad to see they've made a comeback...we've been really happy with ours (even if it is totally covered with drywall dust at the moment).

Dennis and Su said...

Nice clock! Looks great there amongst the art. I REALLY like the photos of your house in three different colors! V cool!


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