sneak peak

after much debate, i have decided that i am not going to paint the buffet gray just yet.

why you ask? well reason no. 1, i am just having a hard time committing to painting it. i think that i am going to try to sand the top and see if i can stain it to match. overall the buffet is in great shape, and the color/grain of the wood looks fine with our table. plus we already have gray curtains and gray chairs. if the sanding/staining does not go well i might come back to painting it, but for now, i'm moving forward with leaving it unpainted.

and reason no. 2? i found something else to paint instead. here's a sneak peak:
after photos to be posted soon.

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3 Responses to sneak peak

Dennis and Su said...

That seems like a sound decision. The buffet has nice wood grain and, as you said, you can always paint it later.

The new piece is interesting! Anxious to hear what you have planned for it!

Dennis and Su said...

Rather than sanding the top you may want to go over the whole piece with "furniture refinisher" (I've used Formby's brand) and steel wool. I suspect that this would make the scratches on the top as well as any other flaws in the finish pretty much disappear. The stuff stinks so you'd want to do this outside and wear rubber gloves. Then apply a couple coats of varnish (tung oil is easy)and you're done...

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I feel you on the internal paint debates! For what it's worth, I like the wood the way it is. Maybe you can just paint the wall behind it a more dramatic color or paint the frame of a picture/ mirror that will go above it.


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