last weekend mike and i had a wedding to go to in cincinnati. once we realized mike was going to be off of work for the week, we started looking into extending our trip to cinci with some kind of quick vacation. we decided to stop for 2 nights in french lick, indiana.


we stayed at the french lick resort, which is a historic hotel. i didn't really know what to expect when we booked it, but the hotel had been recently restored and was really nice.


we had a great time and it was exactly what i needed for a relaxing trip.


we left for french lick (does anyone else find the name funny or is it just me?) wednesday morning and stopping for lunch along the way. we arrived at the resort mid afternoon and spent some time exploring the hotel and the town before grabbing dinner at one of the resorts many restaurants.

on thursday morning we got up to go golfing. actually, mike went golfing and i drove the cart. i had never been on a golf course before, but have been to the driving range a couple of times. i own one golf club :-)


i decided that next time i need to find some more clubs because i want to give it a try. the course was really nice, the only downside was that it was hot. really hot.


see that? we looked at mike's phone when we went back to the car after golfing. feels like 117*? and that was at 11:30 in the morning, it just got worse later in the day.

after golfing we went to the french lick winery for wine tasting and a leisurely lunch. then we spent some time at the pool before heading over to the other resort (there are two historic hotels 1 mile apart owned by the some company) for a nice dinner.


the west baden resort has a beautiful atrium space. i didn't have the right lens on my camera to get a good picture of the entire space.



after a delicious dinner at a restaurant at west baden, we decided to sit in the atrium space and get coffee and dessert.


at night they light up the top of the dome and we really enjoyed spending time sitting in the atrium, watching all of the people.

on friday morning we slept in late and then grabbed a quick breakfast before saying goodbye to french lick to continue on to cinci. we spent the rest of friday and all of saturday with the wedding - one of mike's fraturnity brothers got married and mike was in the wedding.



it was great to be able to see our friends from college, i wish we were able to get together more often. and i loved their bridesmaid dresses, they were perfect for the hot weather!

on sunday we spent a few hours at the ikea in cinci before driving back home.

so that's it! our mini-vacation. i wish we could have taken a long vacation this year but the budget and work would not allow it. at least we got those few days, we had such a great time and i really needed a break, even if only for a little while.

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Dennis and Su said...

What an amazing venue! Stunning!

Rachel and Nathan shop at that IKEA!


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