have you met trevi?

so we have this cat. his name is trevi.


let me tell you a little bit about trevi - when he was a kitten i thought his neediness was cute. he would follow me around my apartment and when he couldn't see me, he'd meow, looking for me. he liked to play fetch and would always bring me random toys so i could play with him. he could do this one trick where he'd jump high up in the air and do back flips trying to catch a string. he was super friendly and loved any kind of attention. all of my friends thought he was the coolest cat ever and would threaten to steal him away.

fast forward 6 years and not much has changed. except now he is a giant cat. and he thinks he is in charge - of everyone, including the dogs. and he seems to lose me in our house, which results in him wandering around meowing as loud as he can (which is really loud) until i respond to him. this will go on and on until he "finds" me. it's like the marco polo game, only no one is a winner.

he also does not like it when we leave him for long weekends away. and to prove this to me, when we arrived home last night after being away for 5 days, he meowed at me. all. night. long. i'm not really sure how he lost me, especially since he was sleeping on my face.

so i'm really excited (sarcasm) that he seems to have a new thing. because for the last few weeks, this is where he has been every morning while i'm getting ready for work. he jumps out of bed when my alarm goes off and runs to the bathroom...


to sit on the back of the the toilet. and meow at me.

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5 Responses to have you met trevi?

Allison aka Half of VAMH said...

Awwww! I love him! It's such a struggle with cats, they are certainly 'all or nothing' type creatures!

Katie said...

yeah, he's a good cat, i really am not complaining. he just has so much personality! i guess it just makes things more interesting! :-)

Dennis and Su said...

I nearly spewed coffee on my keyboard. That's hilarious! Well told as well.

Meghan said...

"it's like the marco polo game, only no one is a winner."

Fantastic. My Isis kitty does the same thing. We have 952 square feet. I promise, I'm really not that far away. Right now, she's losing her little mind because she's convinced something that does not exist is chasing her. Never a dull moment, right?


micah @ the yellow front door said...

That is hilarious!


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