bathroom door - 98% done

our bathroom finally has a door again, and i love how this project turned out.
the frosted glass works just like we were hoping - it lets light into the bathroom and into the hallway, but it completely blocks all views into the bathroom. you can barely see the shadow of a person when they are in there, it works perfectly.
did you notice the mouse in the bottom right corner of the above picture? don't worry, that's a cat toy. funny story actually, i bought that cat toy at ikea and forgot to mention it to mike. i gave it to trevi on tuesday night, and wednesday morning, mike went to take a shower and found the mouse in the shower - i think he screamed and jumped out! it does look like a real mouse more than some of our other cat toys, plus it was early in the morning... i wish i would have been awake to witness this, it sounded very funny to me when he told me about it later.

anyway, back to the door - we were able to match the stain almost perfectly. we also put the frosted film on both sides of the glass before we put the glass back in the door - this way you can't see the edges of the film (you're supposed to cut the film slightly smaller than the glass).

i also love love love the doorknob we found at the same architectural artifacts store where we bought the door.
and, once we touch up some on the door jamb, the door will actually lock! we need to get an extra key though, right now the bathroom and the door to our balcony are sharing one key :-)

**wow... these photos really show the 2 areas of the house where we haven't done any work - the upstairs hallway and the 4th bedroom! at least the floors look pretty...

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8 Responses to bathroom door - 98% done

Dennis and Su said...

Very well done! Love the glass. Love the door knob. The stain is an excellent match. Wow! Come and re-do MY house!

Dennis and Su said...

Also like the shower curtain. The bath looks fantastic! That window hiding in the wall has made a huge difference.

cousin Deb said...

Really nice! And the floors are pretty too!

Katie said...

thanks! mom actually found the shower curtain and mailed it to us awhile ago, i really like it too!


The new door is amazing, love the glass and knob! its my secret dream to get a bunch of salvaged door and install them, such a great look. All my doors are boring slabs.

Rachel Le said...

Wow, pretty! I love the light.

Katie said...

brick house - the store were we got our door had just hundreds and hundreds of doors - and they had all been stripped and were ready for stain/paint/whatever. i loved just to see all the doors stacked up, i love stuff like that too. you should replace the doors, it could take awhile but is so worth it!

Wanderluster said...

This turned out great! We are doing the same thing. We have the half frosted door sitting in our garage, waiting to be installed. I'm glad to see how it worked in your space.


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