what pink wallpaper?

so the upstairs hallway... i think that after living with it so long i stopped really noticing the pink wallpaper. that is, until i started posting pictures of the new bathroom door. and all of a sudden, wow, that pink wallpaper! it has to go. starting now.
i worked on this for 3+ hours this afternoon and this is as far as i got. some of it came off easily. some, not so much. mike helped for the last hour but we quickly gave up for the day. it was bringing flashbacks of the kitchen wallpaper removal and i think that was just too much for an otherwise lazy sunday.
i think that we'll just work on it slowly throughout the week, maybe by next weekend we'll be ready to paint.

and just so you don't think we're totally unproductive - we also went to the driving range on saturday (first time for me, but it was fun!) and mike played 2 games of kickball on sunday. we also watched a lot of football... i heart fall/football season!

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2 Responses to what pink wallpaper?

Dennis and Su said...

After removing wallpaper from 7 rooms/areas, I can certainly enpathize with you!

Dennis and Su said...

That's empathize.Sorry.


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