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i kept seeing this quiz pop up on various blogs and finally decided to go take it: i would have to say that my results seem pretty accurate :-)

my style is... Vintage Modern!! here is the description from the website:

"Flea Market anyone? You know you are drawn to modern furniture and interiors, and yet you really don't like a space that feels cold and sterile. And who could blame you? And that's why Vintage Modern is so appealing to you. Though the backdrop of the room, the walls and windows, are many times white or monochromatic, the furniture and accessories have the color, shape and texture to bring the warmth into the space. The great thing about Vintage Modern is ease of mixing different styles in the one space. You can have a new modular sofa mixed with a great pair of chairs that your grandmother purchased in the late 1950's and the new and old work appear as though they were destined for each other. What's great is that even if you don't have time for swap meets and garage sales, so many of the pieces from the mid-century were so great that they have been remade and mimicked year after year.

The other great thing about Vintage Modern is how low maintenance it can be — fabrics such as cotton, microfiber or ultra-suede and leather all look great and function even better. So whether you are having a cocktail party with friends, or kids are in the picture, the room and the furnishings can handle it. Because the style harkens back to the early twentieth century, the innovative developed during that time are very popular: acrylic, plastic and fiberglass, chrome and steel, and molded plywood. Concrete floors, countertops and furniture are also very popular and lacquered finishes are very common.

When it comes to color, walls are seen as backdrops for the room. Neutral tones of gray, white, beige and brown are very common and black is a common accent color. Pops of color on the art, furniture and accessories can vary dramatically based on the person, however very common colors are teal blues, army greens and yellow as well as deep oranges and bright reds."

so, do you think that describes me?? actually, awhile ago mike asked me what my style was (while we were browsing through a vintage furniture store) and i responded with "a mix of vintage and modern"... here are some of the images that the quiz said went with this style:
yep, that looks about right to me. that last image especially! photowall, eames chair, gray rug, neutral walls... i've also been looking for a while on craigslist for a similar piece to turn into a tv cabinet.
if anyone else takes the quiz, let me know what your results are... how fun.
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3 Responses to design style quiz

carrie said...

I'm Vintage Modern too!!

Dennis and Su said...

No surprise, my results were the same as yours. I posted it on our blog as well. I'm hoping Rachel will take it.

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I've taken that quiz a few times... and each time with a different result! I guess I'm overly eclectic or maybe just a sucker for any well-designed room.


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