wine, fire, and dogs

we decided to make the tiki torches from this post - we were able to find all of the parts except for the wicks - we ended up ordering them online. so last weekend, we grabbed two empty wine bottles and got to work.we used blue bottles like they did in the instructions, i really like to blue color with the copper! and they were very easy to make.
we made 2, one for each of our deck posts. i also like that we can remove everything and just leave the plate, i could see that i wouldn't want these hanging on the deck all the time.
on saturday night we grilled our entire dinner (steaks, potatoes, and grilled fruit) and sat outside and enjoyed our new torches.
we have also been watching our friends' dog for the past few days, she's super cute and full of energy!
she left last night, i think that reese and cooper will probably sleep the rest of the week after 5 days of non-stop playing! we had fun though!

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One Response to wine, fire, and dogs

Dennis and Su said...

The torches really turned out well! Very pretty!

The dogs are so cute together. Glad they got on so well.


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