to follow up my "vintage modern" decor style, i thought i would write a little about my favorite place to look for and buy furniture: craigslist. you may remember that i bought our dining room chairs off of craigslist back in january. i think they may be my favorite furniture purchase ever. i've also had some luck with ebay, i bought the light fixture for our entry on ebay.

but back to craigslist. i would say that about once every week or so i come across something on craiglist that i'm interested in. i will usually email the seller to get more information and more often than not, after the first email exchange i will usually move on. sometimes the sellers won't even respond. or after getting more pictures/information i will end up passing on it. yesterday we went to look at a dresser that i had found on craigslist but found it to be pretty bad shape so we didn't end up buying it, this has happened a few times too. i have a list of about 5 or 6 items/terms that i usually search for - "vintage", "mid century", "dresser"... this helps because it would take you forever to actually look through all of the furniture that is posted. and i always make sure to take mike with me if i end up going to look at something - you never know.

we are lucky to live in someplace like st louis because i think that enough people buy/sell things on craiglist that you can usually find a good selection of furniture. a lot of it is junk, but looking through it all is part of the fun.

anyway, this morning i was finding some good things so i thought i'd share them, just for fun.i actually really like these chairs and they are a great price at only $10 each (wow!!) - the actually remind me of some chairs that i saw on another blog a little while ago. these would look so great if they were reupholstered and/or painted.
i really like the way that these legs look on mid-century furniture - i would so buy these if i had any idea of what i'd do with them, they are a little expensive for me to justify spending the $$ just because...
this chair is one that i've looked at before at crate and barrel, it's very comfortable and i love the way it looks. the seller also has the matching couch. this chair looks just like the chair frame i bought almost a year ago, i think it was my first craigslist purchase... and it is still sitting in our basement. the chair has some um, structural issues that need to be fixed before i can even think about refinishing and getting new cushions. someday i'll get to that project. this wall unit is fun. and giant! it's almost 100" in length.

i'm sure there are a lot of other great things out there but i'd better get back to work :-) and yes, i have a thing for chairs...

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3 Responses to craigslist

Dennis and Su said...

That green chair looks like my vintage library chairs!

Lindsay said...

What great finds! I should really browse Craigslist more.

Dennis and Su said...

The problem with Craigslist for us is most of the listings are in urban areas and we are not.

Rachel and Nathan have gotten some very nice things on Craigslist as well.


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