door progress

we are making progress on the bathroom door... slowly. we finally got the door to fit into the door frame, got the hinges on, and installed part of the door hardware. we "borrowed" most of the hardware from one of the doors that we removed (there were 2 doors in our downstairs hall that we removed - one between the living room and hall, and one between the entryway and hall - both were always open and in the way - we removed them right after moving in). we were also able to find 2 plates that are approx. the same size as the plate that used to be on this door, so it will cover up that square and the hole nicely.
we did some patching of the larger holes, but for the most part, left the door as is with all of the great old door imperfections.
the door has been sanded and 2 coats of stain have been applied. now we just need to check and make sure the stain is dark enough compared to the other doors (i hope!) and on to poly! it's looking really good though. i'll try to take more pictures later.

we also replaced our dog chewed doorknob. the one the dog chewed in on the counter. the woman at lowes thought it was really funny that my dog ate the doorknob (she's never heard that excuse before!) so she keyed the new doorknob to match for free.

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2 Responses to door progress

Dennis and Su said...

Job(s) well done!

It is pretty funny re: the doorknob. It's amazing just how strong a dog's teeth and jaws are!

Is the door a "Dutch door?" I didn't remember that. Cool.

Katie said...

yep, it is a dutch door. at first i thought that we would for sure replace it, but it's growing on me... the dogs know how to open the screen door so i like that we can keep the bottom part closed and the dogs in (or out) but still get air flow.


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