google it.

a few keyword searches that have led someone to the blog:

"make it look like christmas outside my apartment" - my advice - have you heard of christmas lights?

"fun fabric ceiling lights" - i get fun fabric, i get ceiling lights... but fun fabric ceiling lights? what does that even mean?

"how to put wood panneling in an apartment" - you don't. you just don't.

and my favorite... "trevi dining room set what to paint walls" - awww, someone named a dining set after our cat! i say paint the walls gray and white. it's a good color combo for a trevi.


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4 Responses to google it.

Dennis and Su said...


Mom and Dad said...

Oh,that cat. What a star!

Rachel Le said...

Haha, what random stuff...

Lauren said...

Haha! My favorite for our blog so far is "mysterious basements".


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