twenty ten

or is it two thousand and ten?

seems like everyone is postings their goals for the new year. i have been trying to keep the "to do" list at the bottom of the blog up to date and i hope that we are able to check many of the items off that list by the end of the year. i do have a couple of larger house goals though that i thought i would highlight.

1. we have to get the new hardwood floors ordered and installed downstairs. i know that i keep talking about it, and keep saying next month... and then it's the next month... but our old floors were already in bad shape and are just getting worse the more we walk on them and live with them. the other day the heel of my shoe actually went through one of the bad spots - not good.

2. start/finish the painting of the den, the stairs, and the basement. these are the last areas of the house that we haven't really touched and i would like to finally, 100% be able to live in our house. so many boxes to unpack still...

3. speaking of stairs - besides painting we also need to repair and replace the bottom half of the stairs. it may be ambitious, but i also hope to have this done this year.

4. while i'm being ambitious, i might as well throw this one in there too - the front door. we are probably going to need to bring an in professional to help us recreate the old door trim, missing transoms, and actually install everything. this project really depends on the cost and how much we are able to save up, which is why it's at the bottom of my house list for 2010. but i did buy some supplies to start refinishing the door last week.

hopefully we are able to complete at least the first 3 goals, as well as some of the smaller things from the list at the bottom of the page. 2009 was a busy year but we got a lot done - might as well keep up the pace!


while i'm at it, might as well throw my personal goals for 2010 out there. especially since the first one is...

1. try to update the blog more often, including more posts about just me, or me and mike, or whatever. this started as a house blog but i realize that a lot of my friends and family use this as a way to keep up with the rest of our lives too. i also enjoy reading some of the more personal posts on other blogs i read so i thought i'd start to include some of my own.

2. learn how to use my camera! i love my camera and i love photography - i need to make more time for this hobby.

3. take and pass all sections of the ARE (architectural registration exam). yikes.

4. and finally, continue with the workout schedule that mike and i have been following recently. we joined the rec center a few months ago and have been good about going 4-5 times a week.


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5 Responses to twenty ten

Kara said...

Hi. I recently found your blog and I've enjoyed reading about the work you've been doing on your house. I live in St. Louis too and am working on a house of my own.

Katie said...

hi kara! it's nice to hear from other people living in stl, good luck with your own house projects!

SweDaisy said...

Ah the life of a home owner, our reno work is never done. I too would love to find more time to be creative and use my camera and art supplies. Something tells me with our baby due soon time for myself won't be coming around here for a long time.

Take care,

Dennis and Su said...

It's good to see a photo of you! You look great! (The dog looks cute as well.)

You have so much ambition! Do you have the energy to match? I can't believe how much you've done in such a short time. Amazing!

Dennis and Su said...

btw - my word verification was "photog"! lol


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