thanks santa!

notice anything different?


i finally got a stendig calendar! i've wanted one for years but always seem to miss them (they seem to sell out quick). plus mike thought my need for this giant calendar was weird.

but this year... this year i tricked him. cause i asked santa for the calendar.



now that we have the calendar, i really need to edit what is on those open shelves. there is a lot going on on this wall. i think i'm going to take off at least 1/2 of those cookbooks, and find a different place to store the wine. besides, now the wine is blocking the wall toaster. and you all know how i feel about our wall toaster...

oh, and how does mike feel about the calendar now? well, his biggest issue was that we couldn't really write on it and he wanted a functional calendar (every other month has a black background with white letters) so i compromised.


and how did santa wrap such a giant calendar? like a candy cane!


thanks santa :-)

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4 Responses to thanks santa!

Dennis and Su said...

That Santa! How does he do it? The calendar is cool and, well, HUGE! I like the idea of using post-its on it, so long as they don't fall off!

Sorry about the whole jury duty thingy. Poor you!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

That looks pretty sharp in there! As for the shelves, if you use all those things, leave em! Otherwise, pare down.

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

Nice! The post-it's are perfect for that space. Plus, it's too hard to write on walls anyways...

Andrea S. said...

I have one too and my husband initially opposed (what is wrong with husbands? this calendar is a permanent exhibit at the New York Museum of Modern Art!) but since I hung it he doesn't mind it at all. I think sometimes (ie: all the time) you have to show them what they like.


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