new curtains

i just ordered these curtains for the dining room:wow, gray. what a surprise katie.... but i think they will look nice with my gray dining chairs and the rug that is in the connecting living room.

(as a side note, i had different gray curtains all picked out from west elm and was in the process of ordering them when the website informed me they were backordered until june! why even put them on your website if it's going to take 6 months!)

we have large windows with tall ceilings and i have the hardest time finding curtains that are long enough. or blinds that fit the non-standard sized windows. we currently have the curtains below from ikea in the dining room:
i still like them, i think they just might work better upstairs since the ceilings aren't as tall. plus i feel like with those curtains i'm committing myself to green as an accent color, and i'd like to be able to change that up sometimes. hopefully the west elm curtains work out, i was excited to see that they sell their curtains in various lengths!

oh, and i'd like to get white roller blinds from ikea to replace those horrible pink metal blinds. i just need to get to ikea... i have a long list.

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4 Responses to new curtains

Kelly Muys Wood said...

I'm a big fan of gray! I love the color you chose.


Dennis and Su said...

I love the gray curtains! So pretty. I also love IKEA. There is one in Cincinnati now. I've only been there once but fell in love.

Nathan said...

Haha, you and your gray. You always make it look great though, so it's forgivable ;)

This is Rachel... I just noticed Nathan's signed in but I don' want to mess around with getting myself signed there ya go :P

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Well, you know I love gray! Great choice!


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