wallpaper down

over the weekend we removed the wallpaper in the den/studio/yet to be named room and started patching the walls.

(the chair is hiding under that blue blanket to protect it from drywall dust)

DSC_0011 for the most part, the wallpaper came off easily. it must have been expensive wallpaper - it was very heavy. now we only have one last little area of wallpaper above the stairs. someday we'll be wallpaper free...

and yeah... there was some mold under the wallpaper on one wall. super gross. i decided not to post that picture! we found something similar in our bedroom and were able to kill it with some high strength mold remover stuff. we're hoping that the same thing works in this room. it appears to be just on the surface, the first pass with the mold remover seemed to get most of it. but still, super gross.

now we just need to finish up patching the walls, sand, and prime! then the fun stuff starts, like picking a paint color. i still like the color that i posted about here, but i also want to try a couple of samples of a cooler gray tone. we're hoping to paint this weekend. i also am having a hard time with the furniture layout in this room, look for a post about that later in the week, i need help!

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2 Responses to wallpaper down

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Don't forget to try Coventry gray! And, congrats to another room of wallpaper biting the dust.

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