gray curtains

the curtains i ordered from west elm arrived earlier this week - that was fast shipping! i couldn't wait to hang them up and mike wanted to try out his new cordless drill (christmas present from his parents) so last night we got to work.

remember the old curtains?


the biggest reasons why i wanted to replace these curtains was the size and the weight. even though they aren't technically sheer curtains, they are very thin and didn't do much when closed. the dining room window faces the street so i'll take any extra privacy that i can get. they are also just too short for this window. we had to install the curtain rod along the top of the window frame in order to have the curtains go to the floor and it's always bugged me.

the new gray curtains are 10" longer and it makes a big difference. they are made of a heavy linen so they have a nice texture and weight to them and, when closed, do a better job of blocking the light/view. the grommets make them much easier to open and close. i'm tempted to go ahead and take down the pink mini-blinds now! (i still want to get a white roller blind from ikea so that we can leave the curtains open for more light, but still have some privacy from the street).




i know, it's hard to see with the pink mini blinds... maybe i should just take them down now and use only the curtains for awhile. also, i don't know what's up with the picture quality, i took these quickly this morning and they look really fuzzy. i'll try to take a few better pictures over the weekend.

anyone going to ikea anytime soon and want to pick up a roller blind for me? i'd like the one below please:

it also comes in dark gray, but i think i'm going to go with the white this time :-)

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2 Responses to gray curtains

Dennis and Su said...

The new curtains look great! Love the grommets! What will you do with the "old" curtains?

Allison aka Half of VAMH said...

Beautiful! I agree, opening and closing with large grommets is so much easier!


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