living room?

Below is my 5 min. photoshop attempt at what I was thinking for the living room... but I really don't like how it's turning out. The green couch and chair are what are currently in the room, and you can just see the edge of the tv stand at the bottom left of the picture. Everything else was added in with photoshop (except for the cat Trevi, who is looking kind of scary with his bright eyes on the back of the couch.) We've been looking for a rug for this room for awhile, and finally ordered the pewter one below from Crate&Barrel. I wanted something neutral, but not brown b/c the room already has so many brown tones in it. A light colored rug would have looked nice, but with 4 pets that really wasn't a great option for us. So I really like the rug, as well as the light fixture. The light fixture is from cb2, hopefully we can make a trip up to Chicago and purchase that sometime soon. I'm also searching for some simple roman shades for the windows, but am having a hard time finding some that aren't super expensive b/c of the non-standard size. And while I liked that coffee table in the store, it looks all wrong in the room. I think I need to keep searching....

I did come across these chairs today on Target's website, the price is great! What do you think about a couple of these in front of the window instead of that green chair/ottoman? I think that the smaller scale would really help make the space seem more open, and we could use the green chair/ottoman in another room. I'm not big on matchy matchy furniture, and I think that is part of the reason why I'm not crazy about having so much big green furniture in one room.
Today the dining room table was delivered, I'll try to post some pictures later! Mike said it looks really good, but it does take up most of the room. Of course, it probably doesn't help that our extra couch is now in our dining room cause we have no where else to put it :-)

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