one step forward, two steps back...

First, just for clarification, we have decided to switch the dining room and the living room in the house. The room with the box beamed ceiling and the stained glass is supposed to be the dining room, but since it's slightly bigger, and it just a much nicer room, we've decided to use that as our living room, and to use the room at the front of the house with the (non-functioning) fireplace as our dining room. I keep struggling with what to call them, so hopefully that will help... Anyway, tonight the plan was to start painting the living room. When Mom and I primed that room a few weeks ago, we had a really hard time b/c for some reason, there are gaps between all of the moulding and the wall. In some places the wall is actually crumbling away. I was hoping that when it came to painting, I would be able to get a cleaner line, but it's not looking so good.

here is the "before" picture, there is also a lot of green and pink paint on the wood, which is even more fun...

we decided to caulk an area and see how that worked, this picture is of the caulk before painting

here is what is looks like after painting.... not the cleanest of lines, but much better than before. Does anyone have any other suggestions? We've only done this to a small section, but will probably go ahead and start caulking the rest of the room tomorrow.... this will probably take forever just because there is soooo much woodwork in this room. Ugh.

While we were trying to figure out what to do about the living room, we decided to see how the wallpaper removal would go in the kitchen. Now, so far we've been pretty lucky with the wallpaper removal in the other rooms that we've done. Apparently, the kitchen, the room with the most wallpaper (cause it's on the ceiling too) is going to be the most difficult. Cause why wouldn't it be??

this little sections took about 10 mins of scrapping and there is still a lot of paper left behind. I just used vinegar and water here, that's what worked on the other rooms.

next we tried using Dif (wallpaper remover) and that seemed to work better, but still will require letting it soak for awhile, and going over each area multiple times. This is as far as we got after about a 1/2 hour... I am not looking forward to doing the rest of the kitchen.

Question for you all, does anyone know why the phone jack would have been installed on top of a piece of wood on top of the wall? This was a very complex mounting system for what seems to be a simple phone jack....

For something more fun and much less difficult/frustrating, here's a picture of our newly painted blue bedroom, with the newly painted white fan blades. The room is a very light blue, almost gray. I wasn't sure about it at first, but I think I like it. I think it will look a lot better once I start putting other things into the room. I need to get a rug and some new curtains, but the duvet cover is staying, and I have several bright, almost aqua, accessories that sound look nice with the wall color. We still need to work on the layout of the furniture and paint the closets, but it's looking pretty good.

please ignore the clothes everywhere, I'm still living out of suitcases and unpacking from Canada :-)

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