table is here!

what the living room actually looks like now with our furniture in it

hehe, this just proves that the floors aren't very level! We tried to put this bookshelf in the corner of the living room.

after putting something under the legs to help make it level, much better!

new dining room table! Someday we'll get new matching chairs, but this will work fine for now. We're going to try to sell that couch, sadly it just doesn't fit in the house.

another view of our table (with our super cool mirror)

We also rearranged our bedroom tonight, but I forgot to take some pictures. Woops! Hopefully this coming weekend will be as productive as last weekend, we're finding that it's difficult to get much done during the week.

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One Response to table is here!

Dennis and Sue said...

Beautiful rooms! The table looks great. Those transom stained glass windows are awesome! The crooked floors made me smile and think of the old houses I have lived in.


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