shower curtains and spray paint

We got a lot done this weekend! Yay! Our main goal of the weekend was to finish up all of the painting in the living room, and by 11:00 pm on Saturday, we had already reached our goal! First, we decided to try spray painting the pink radiator:

We had to clean the radiator before painting, we found that this duster worked well.
Next we used some cheap shower curtains taped to the wall to protect the walls from the spray paint. Shower curtains are way less expensive than drop clothes :-)
5 cans of high-heat white spray paint later and the radiator looked so much better!
Next we painted the walls (2 coats of paint), but I didn't get a good picture of that. So I'll move on to the ceiling... This was the most difficult part of painting this room, but made such a huge difference. You can see how dirty the ceiling was in this room in the picture above.
Newly painted ceiling!
Saturday was a long day, but we were so happy that we got so much done. We also had a hardwood floor refinishing guy come to look at our floors and give us a quote on refinishing the floors. It will be expensive, but I think that the number he gave us was very reasonable. We'll probably try to talk to a few more people, but hopefully can get at least the floors downstairs done soon. Today we decided to reward ourselves by going out and shopping for some new things for the room. We went all over looking for a rug, some window blinds, or a new light fixture, but only came home with a vase for the bedroom. Everything is just so expensive... When we got home, we started cleaning the living room so we could move some furniture back in.
This is a picture of the dirty rags after cleaning the woodwork, gross! I was amazed at how much dirt came off of just the woodwork! We also went over the floor several times.
Before I post the "after" picture of the living room, here's the "before" just in case you forgot how pink the room was :-)
And now the after!
I can't wait to put some furniture in and start using this room!

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Dennis and Sue said...

Wow! What a difference! Good work!


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