distracted by the weather

The weather has been beautiful here lately. So beautiful, that on Sunday morning when I woke up and saw that it was going to be in the mid-70s, sunny, with a nice breeze, I knew that I wouldn't be able to study all day as planned. I decided to treat myself to a quick trip to Garden Ridge to pick up some new pots for the deck, and then to Lowes to get some flowers.
I wanted pots of flowers on the deck because I love to sit on the deck. While sitting on the deck you can't see the flower beds that we worked on, and the deck needed some color too. Plus, I've really been enjoying this whole gardening thing more than I thought I would (and so far, all plants and flowers are still living!!).
I decided to go with these simple pots because everything else was way expensive. But now that I have them home and planted, I think I made a good choice. Now you focus on the flowers instead of some bright planter. Plus, I think they look nice with the deck. I got 6 total, 3 for each front corner.
See? The flowers are still alive and growing in our new beds.
The birds have been loving us lately because we keep putting down grass seed.

Did you see this guy in the picture above? He sat there for awhile. And look, a rose!
Question - this is growing along our fence - is it lavender? I love the way it smells, hopefully it will keep growing...

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4 Responses to distracted by the weather

Dennis and Su said...

It's not lavender but I don't know what it is either except it's pretty.

Your flower pots and landscaping look very nice.

Kristen said...

It looks like Wysteria... and if it is it'll grow like a weed! You'll have to watch it and trim it back regularly (read = daily!) because it'll overtake any plant that's next to it...

Kate said...

Hi Katie:

Love the beds, we're thinking about doing something similar in our front yard. And I agree with Kristen, I think it's wisteria which I think is so pretty. But be careful, it can be poisonous to dogs if ingested. Not sure if yours are plant-eaters like mine though (I swear he's part cow).

Also, I found your blog today (via a link on THY to your CB2 pendant light which I've been lusting after) and I love it! You guys have done such awesome stuff with your house - totally inspiring. I'll be adding you to my blog roll to see more of the cool stuff you're doing!


Katie said...

thanks, i like how the landscaping is finally starting to look like, well, landscaping, instead of just random things growing where ever...

kristen - i did some google searching on wysteria - i think you're right. thanks for the help identifying it. it's on the fence between our house and our neighbors, and with how the city works, i guess that we both own the fence? i'll have to talk to them and make sure it's ok that i start to trim it back. i skimmed your blog while at work today, (2 houses??) i'm excited to go back and read more when i have a little more time :-)

hi kate - hm, our dogs seem to think they are part cow too, i'll have to watch them. lately they've really been into eating the grass and haven't paid much attention to anything else. the cb2 pendant is great, i highly recommend it. we ordered it when they had free shipping and had no problem. thanks for adding me to your blog roll, do you have a blog too?


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