house painting

A college student from one of the college exterior house painting companies came to give us a quote on painting... I liked the guy, he seemed to know what he was talking about, he seemed to have a good painting crew in place, and I really like the internship/business management idea of the program.I didn't like the price. At all. Maybe next summer? Or maybe we'll need to figure out a way to do the painting ourselves.

Wow, seeing this old picture has made me very happy that we've spent a little time working on the front of the house! At least the new tree and some flowers have helped improve on all the blah brown... now we just need to find the time/money to work on the other landscaping.

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3 Responses to house painting

Marge said...

I really like your exterior! Also-- where have you been getting your trees/plants? We found a nursery we like but it's 20 mins away...

Katie said...

the paint is not in bad shape, i just wish the trim was a different color so it would stand out more from the brick. but we might have to learn to love it with house expensive it is to repaint!

we've just been getting our plants from lowes. the lowes by our house seems to have a good selection and the price isn't bad. i noticed that they had trees on sale when we were there yesterday. i have friends who found a different nursery in south city somewhere and really like it, i can try to find the name if you'd like.

Dennis and Su said...

Your house is so pretty. I really like it.


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